For Camp Parents

Catalyst Camps offers children and youth Christian camps during the winter and summer. A division of Cedar Lake Ministries, Catalyst Camps provides a safe, caring environment for campers to experience God, new things and meaningful relationships.

Catalyst Camps offers weekend winter camps for middle and high school youth groups, and week-long overnight or day camps for K-12th grade. Each camp is tailor-made for each age group and gender. We plan activities that are safe, fun and engaging for each age group. Also, we carefully select speakers and musicians who present biblical truths in a relevant, age-appropriate way through the Bible and song. Read our doctrinal statement.

Catalyst Camps is pleased to provide comfortable lodging and great food. We offer meals that are tasty, plentiful and nutritious complete with a salad bar and a variety of fruits. (If your child has food allergies or specific dietary concerns, please let us know ahead of time, and we will do our best to accommodate his/her needs.)

During summer camps, our trained staff, of college-age young adults, provides supervision while mentoring your camper. Each group of (no more than) seven campers of the same gender will have one counselor of the same gender who will care for physical, emotional and spirituals needs while modeling a Christ-like life.

Cedar Lake Ministries and Catalyst Camps is an independent, non-denominational, evangelical nonprofit corporation which exists as an autonomous conference center and camp; a retreat and conference rental facility for Church-related organizations; and a Christian residential community with both year around and seasonal occupancy.

Catalyst Camps at Cedar Lake Ministries is located 45 miles south of Chicago, Ill. in Northwest Indiana, just east of US-41 in Cedar Lake, Ind. 

Financial Assistance and Scholarships

Through the generosity of thoughtful and caring friends, we are thankful to provide the camp experience to those that otherwise may not be able to afford it. If you are in need of financial assistant to attend Catalyst Camps, please consider the Scholarship Assistance Program.

Reasons to request financial assistance:

  • Unexpected Job Loss
  • Major Unexpected Expense
  • Family Illness, Depleted Savings
  • Loss of Income Due to Death/Divorce
  • Low Income
  • One Income
  • Financial Hardship

Top 4 Reasons some won’t ask for help:

  • Didn’t know about it
  • Embarrassed by their situation
  • Too proud to ask
  • Fear of not getting it

How You Can Apply

Register for camp by calling 219.374.5941 and paying the required deposit. Download the Scholarship Application and complete the form. Please send the form to:

Cedar Lake Ministries
Attn: Scholarships
PO Box 665,
Cedar Lake, IN 46303
Fax: 219.374.783


Once the above information is received and your application is reviewed, you will be contacted by our reservation agent.

Camper Health and Safety

Catalyst Camps is committed to providing a healthy, positive and Christian environment for campers and our staff. Through education and intentionality, we believe we can create a safe camp experience for everyone. The sections below represent a summary of initiatives Catalyst Camps takes to help protect campers, staff and families.

Health  & Health Services

While sickness and serious injuries are rare and we do our best to keep camp a safe and pleasant experience for everyone, campers may develop a sickness or undergo injury. Therefore, Catalyst Camps recruits a certified physician or nurse who provides 24-hour care during each week of summer camp and each weekend of winter camp. Also, we understand that campers will require medical care for a variety of reasons while at camp. We ask families to provide all pertinent medical and behavioral health information on the camper health forms. All medications and health histories are confidential. All medications brought to camp are required to be checked-in with the medical personnel at registration to ensure proper distribution during camp.

Advanced medical care is provided by Franciscan St. Anthony Health, a full-service medical center located approximately 17 minutes from camp. Additionally, EMS transportation is available less than two minutes away.

Food Service

The dining hall is managed by a full-time, year round certified Food Service Director. A professional-grade cooking facility and approved hood and extinguishing system are used. The dining hall is inspected by county health officials regularly as required by the state of Indiana. All food is purchased by our Food Service Director through reputable, insured vendors. We are used to working with campers who may have dietary restrictions or food allergies. To best care for your child, please inform us on the registration form of any allergies effectively prepare to provide great care for your child. If after reviewing your registration form we have further questions, our Program Director, Food Service Director or Camp Nurse may contact you prior to camp to ensure proper care will be provided.


To keep our camp tuition to a minimum, we have chosen not to provide camper insurance. Therefore, expenses incurred when a camper is treated by an outside medical provider are covered by the parent or guardian and/or their personal insurance, if available. The camp’s policy regarding medical coverage parallels those medical policies set forth by most elementary and secondary schools.

Safety – Activity and Environment

Supervision, security and safety procedures are an integral part of our 24-hour daily operation. Activities at camp are scheduled and closely supervised. Rules are communicated and campers receive instruction before engaging in activities. Good supervisory control is stressed and maintained throughout the day. All equipment, activity areas and facilities are well maintained by a full-time maintenance department and checked for potential hazards. Camper interaction is closely monitored to ensure a bully-free environment. At Catalyst Camps, we know that campers’ favorite activities often involve the waterfront, but we also understand that the waterfront is along the most high-risk areas of camp. Therefore, swimming is only allowed in the swimming area during daylight hours when a certificated lifeguard is present. Proper consideration is made regarding lifeguard to camper ratio depending on age and skill of the swimmers. (Please note, due to the shallow nature of Cedar Lake, the swimming area has a maximum depth of four feet in the swimming area, and campers are not allowed on the dock to prevent diving into shallow waters.) Furthermore, properly fitted and secured flotation device must be worn at all times when campers are in boats, canoes or kayaks. Water equipment can only be used in designated area, following state laws and when a lifeguard is present.

Safety – Staffing and Training

As a parent, you are concerned with who influences your child and so are we. We believe it is imperative that staff members are properly screened and possess the training, abilities and passion required to mentor and care for your camper.

Summer Staff, including program assistants, counselors and support staff, typically consist of college-age students. Hiring practices include an application process, references, interviews and criminal and sexual offender background checks.

Summer Staff receives 40-80 hours of intensive job specific training including proper use and safety procedures for activities and equipment and emergency action procedures in case of fire, storms, suspicious persons, etc. Also, the summer staff are trained to provide proper care and direction depending on age-group of the campers. Training also includes Child Protection Policies, Emergency Action Plans, and securing a bully-free environment. Catalyst Camps employs a Program Director and Summer Staff Program Assistants who manage all summer staff.

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Since the beginning of our ministry in 1915, we have recognized the need to provide men, women, couples, single parents, families, youth and other groups with a place away from the world where they can rest, recover and be spiritually renewed