Lakeview Lodge

Lakeview Lodge has dorm-style housing with bunk beds. It features 10 rooms with either two or three sets of bunks in each room for a total capacity of 50 people. The center meeting room divides the two wings. The north and south wings each have a separate bathroom with showers, which makes this building perfect for a youth retreat or mixed gender adult retreat. Lakeview is a classic camp-style lodge with a lot of character. There are no linen provided in bunkhouse accommodations 
  • Rooms #1, 2, 6, 7, and 10 sleep 6 each
  • Rooms #3, 4, 5, 8, and 9 sleep 4 each


Hickory Lodge

Hickory Lodge is one of two dorm-style buildings and would be considered typical camp housing. It has 11 rooms with two bunk beds in each of 10 rooms, and three bunk beds in one room. The Hearth Room with its blazing fireplace can be set up as a lounge or meeting room. The two bathrooms can be separated out for men and women or used jointly if you are considering an all-men’s or -women’s retreat. No linens are provided in the bunkhouses. Hickory Lodge houses a maximum of 46 guests.
  • Room #1 sleeps 6
  • Rooms #2-11 sleep 4 each


Cedars Lodges

If you’re coming with a family or a circle of friends, our Cedars Lodges are an ideal choice. Each unit sleeps from 1–8 people with a maximum capacity of 96 in 18 units. Some units feature a fully equipped kitchenette, with dining table, and a private bath. Many of our units also have the option of rollaway beds or pull-out couches, which can offer a larger capacity than our total of 96. Our Cedars Meeting Space is located under units 9 and 10. Make sure to speak with the Retreats staff to see if this meeting room is available for use during your stay.
  • Cedars #1-6 sleep 4 each
  • Cedars #7-10 sleep 8 each
  • Cedars #13-18 sleep 4 each


Rest-A-While Lodge

The Rest-A-While Lodge at Cedar Lake Ministries has been a warm and welcoming home-away-from-home since 1936. As you enter Rest-A-While, you are greeted by an inviting fireplace and generous lounge area in the lobby, great for relaxing or catching up with friends. The building has four wings with 46 rooms total and will sleep a maximum of 180 guests.
The majority of rooms are similar in setup in that they have:
  • a private bath
  • a bunk bed and
  • a double or queen bed
Rest-A-While also has a conference room in the back of its lower west wing that leads out onto a porch, perfect for breakout groups or seminar meetings. The meeting space, called the Boldt Room, has a full-sized fridge, a sink, and a bathroom.

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