Christmas Concert


The Christmas Concert at Cedar Lake Ministries

• December 5th, 2020 •

Rediscover the wonder, the hilarity, and the joy of Christmas!  This year, Cedar Lake Ministries presents Acts of Renewal and their funny, moving, and exhilarating show, Rediscovering Christmas.  Join us this December for a theater event that provides a fresh perspective on Christmas!
Acts of Renewal

Acts of Renewal

Dr. Jim and Carol Shores tour nationally speaking and performing at conferences, colleges, and church events. Their performances have illustrated the talks of such speakers as Gary Chapman, Dennis Rainy, Gary Thomas, Bryan Lorritts and more. They’ve presented at marriage conferences, senior adult events, spoken at over 60 colleges and universities seeking to live out their mission statement: To create and produce excellent theatre that glorifies God leading audiences toward hope, goodness, and hunger for God in Christ. Jim is also Chair of the Communications Dept. at Asbury University where Carol also teaches acting and directs shows. When she’s not presenting with Jim, Carol also speaks and performs at women’s events across the country. To learn more about them and see some of their work – go to

Illiana Christian High School Orchestra

In its third year, this group of students focuses on using orchestral instruments and growing in their skills of a traditional Orchestra.  These students partake in a high-quality music education while learning to use their gifts to glorify God.  Their literature contains a variety of genres including baroque, classical & romantic era string ensemble repertoire, hymns, music from broadway, movies and popular music, as well as improvisations on praise songs and fiddle music.  These students take immense pride in their music program and look forward to blessing to those in the community surrounding Illiana Christian High School. 


Illiana Christian Orchestra


*meal tickets must be purchased on or before November 30th*

Dinner & Program

$35 – adult tickets
$20 – 12 to 17 yrs
$12 – 5 to 11 yrs
FREE – 0 to 4 yrs

Cottager Pricing

$25 – adult tickets
$15 – 12 to 17 yrs
$10 – 5 to 11 yrs
FREE – 0 to 4 yrs

*Program Only

$15 per ticket

Early Bird Discount

*discounts do not apply to children or program only tickets*
Tickets purchased on or before November 7th will receive a $10 discount with the promo code “Early Bird”.


5:45 PM Doors open

6:00 PM Dinner & Dessert

7:15 PM Concert