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Some Kid’s Parents Can’t Give Them a Vacation

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Imagine, if you can, the measureless delight of the city boys and girls whose parents cannot give them a vacation, when they find themselves actually in the beautiful camp, a literal paradise to them.”
Paul Radar, one of founders of Cedar Lake Ministries in early 1900’s

I hope you will find the following story encouraging and challenging.  On the last nights of camp, we started a big bonfire and gathered around for roasting marshmallows and for a time of gratitude and sharing. When one little boy shared what he was thankful for, all of us had tears welling up in our eyes.

This nine-year-old lives with the regular threat of violence, and even recently had an incident where bullets came through the windows of his house due to a spontaneous shooting on his block in Chicago.

He shared about how grateful he was to be away from the “horrible city” he lives in, and how Cedar Lake has given all the children an opportunity to be free to run around and play without the worries or fears that they deal with (but no child should ever have to).

I am glad we were able to give some temporary reprieve from some devastating situations, and I pray that God would indeed protect these innocent children from the violence that occurs daily in our city.

Cedar Lake Ministries continues to be an oasis for the hurting, the broken and the lost. The vision that started over one hundred years ago has not wavered.

Cedar Lake Ministries continues to be a place where boys and girls whose parents cannot give them a vacation can have a vacation with a purpose. Providing a camp, a literal paradise, and helping underwrite the costs of family vacations to the hurting is priceless.

If the above message encouraged you, I pray the Holy Spirit will challenge you to get involved today by taking action. Help a family or child come to camp by giving financially today.

With a thankful heart,

Bob McRae
Executive Director

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