MasterCamp Internship

Master’s Level Internship Program Cedar Lake Ministries (CLM) in Northwest Indiana offers a master’s level internship program called MasterCamp. Participants who complete this 12-month program are awarded the following:
  • A Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Clarks Summit University
  • A solid biblical ministry philosophy paired with high competency in developing and deploying strategic ministry programming and the skills to leverage that foundation in their personal life and practical ministry. We call this “ministry-ready”
  • Frontline mentoring and training
Program Goals: CLM is intentional in creating an environment conducive for spiritual growth. The MasterCamp program is rooted in relationship within a Christian learning environment. We aim to equip and prepare ministry-ready professionals for their next step vocationally, utilizing and strengthening a range of leadership skills and disciplines.
Program Summary: The MasterCamp program allows participants to come alongside seasoned staff and partner in serving those within their scope of influence. CLM continually endeavors to advance and grow its programming and retreat offerings. By working together, staff and interns collaborate in development and implementation, benefiting from one another. By hosting retreat groups and assisting with events, participants gain real life experience.
The Academic Credit Integration: A Cedar Lake Ministries partnership with Eleven:6 (an experiential education organization imbued in faith) and Anchor Christian University (its distance learning distributor) gives CLM interns the ability to pursue and complete a graduate leadership degree as an integrated component of the MasterCamp program design. Through Eleven:6, students will complete the first 15 credits of the program enrolled with Anchor Christian University and the remaining 15 credits enrolled with Clarks Summit University. The first 27 credits (of 30 total) will be delivered via an integrated frontline learning approach, tightly woven within the MasterCamp program at CLM. Students that complete the planned track will earn a Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership from Clarks Summit University, a regionally accredited Christian university based in northeast Pennsylvania.
Summary of Cedar Lake Ministries: CLM is an Evangelical non-profit organization located in Cedar Lake, Indiana. Our desire is to glorify God by assisting the local church in “Building Strong Godly Families” through our creative camp programs, events, retreats, conference center services, and RV park. We partner with ministries, churches, schools, denominations, and families in Northwest Indiana, the greater Chicago area, nationally, and internationally to impact lives for Christ. As we fulfill our mission of “providing a life-changing environment for evangelism and spiritual growth,” our goal is to spiritually impact the lives of children and adults of all ages. Each year approximately 12,000 people visit Cedar Lake Ministries. Currently, the ministry is enjoying a season of growth and is expanding each of its ministry areas.
If you’re interested in learning more about our MasterCamp program, please contact Brent at or call (219) 374-5941.