MasterCamp Internship


About the Program

Since the beginning of its ministry in 1915, Cedar Lake Ministries has recognized the need to provide men, women, couples, single parents, families, youth and other groups with a place away from the world where they can rest, recover, and be spiritually renewed. The CLM Internship Program will prepare ministry-ready professionals for their next step vocationally across a range of leadership skills and disciplines.

CLM Internship Program Outcomes

Students complete this one-year cycle with a solid biblical ministry philosophy paired with high competency in developing and deploying strategic ministry programming, along with the skills to leverage that foundation in their personal life and practical ministry. They are field-ready. The added integrative approach to academic delivery across the range of Anchor Christian University and Clarks Summit University courses will amplify the frontline mentoring and training efforts already inherent in Cedar Lake Ministries’ missional approach. In addition, we can explore options to re-leverage and integrate the same approach for non-US students within Cedar Lake Ministries’ footprint as an extension of both value and impact for the ministry.

The Academic Credit Integration

A Cedar Lake Ministries partnership with Eleven:6, a faith-infused experiential education organization, and its partner universities gives CLM MasterCamp interns the ability to pursue and complete graduate leadership degrees as an integrated component of the program’s design. Through Eleven:6, students will complete all 30 credits of the program enrolled with either Anchor Christian University or Clarks Summit University, via an integrated front line learning approach tightly woven within the program at CLM. Students that complete the planned track will earn a Master of Arts degree in either Organizational Leadership or Christian Leadership.

Academic Tuition Costs

A primary goal of the Cedar Lake Ministries academic option is to launch students that are not only equipped, but debt free. Cedar Lake Ministries covers the cost of the program with a bi-weekly educational stipend in addition to providing housing and meals. While an average Christian college master’s degree distance program can cost well over $13,000 and two years, this sample roadmap can save you almost 50%!**

Here’s how:

MasterCamp students will choose between similar degree programs at two partner universities. See below for details.

Option 1:

Clarks Summit University (PA) –
  • Degree: Master of Arts (MA) – Organizational Leadership
  • Cost/Credit: $360 ($345 tuition + $15 program fee)
  • Total Cost: $10,800
  • Financial Aid: Graduate Plus Loans
  • Accredited: Yes. CSU is regionally-accredited.

Option 2:

Anchor Christian University (FL) –
  • Degree: Master of Arts (MA) – Christian Leadership
  • Cost/Credit: $225 ($325 tuition – $100 Ministry Partner Discount)
  • Total Cost: $6,750
  • Financial Aid: Not available
  • Accredited: Not yet.
**All tuition rates and program details are accurate as of 2/27/2020 and are subject to change. The average tuition increase at private nonprofit colleges is 2.5% per year. Cedar Lake Ministries and Eleven:6 do not control tuition rate changes at partner schools.

Program Courses

The following is a quick overview of the program courses:

Fall Semester

Session 1 (Late August to Early October)
  • THE525 The New Testament Church
  • LDR509 Spiritual Disciplines in Leadership
Session 2 (Mid October to Mid December)
  • BIB538 An Interpretive Study of Biblical Discipleship
  • MIN502 Organizations as Learning Communities
  • MIN503 Strategic Thinking

Spring Semester

Session 1 (Mid January to Mid March)
  • OL504 Developing Dynamic Teams
  • OL505 Governance & Administration of Nonprofit Organizations
  • OL506 Financial Management of Nonprofit Organizations
Session 2 (Late March to Early May)
  • OL507 Risk Management of Nonprofit Organizations
  • TH517 Survey of Doctrine -or- TH511 Developing a Biblical Worldview

The Paperwork…

Each school has its own admissions process that will need to be completed upon admission to the MasterCamp program.

Clarks Summit University

1. Start an application online at Make sure to select Student Type: Masters and I plan to study: Online.
2. A CSU admissions representative will guide you through the application process, which will include requesting a reference using their online tool and having official undergraduate transcripts sent to CSU.
3. Make sure to communicate to the CSU admissions rep that you are applying for the MA Organizational Leadership as part of a program managed by Eleven:6 in partnership with Cedar Lake Ministries.

Anchor Christian University

1. Submit an application online at
2. Have Cedar Lake Ministries’ Executive Director complete the Ministry Leader Reference online for your application.
3. Have official undergraduate transcripts sent to Anchor Christian University, 8854 SW 11th St, Boca Raton, FL 33433.

The Schools


About Clarks Summit University |

For more than 80 years, Clarks Summit University has prepared men and women for Christ-honoring careers and ministries across the globe. Located in the foothills of the endless mountains of Pennsylvania, the university offers programs ranging from a one-year Bible certificate to associate, bachelor’s, masters, and doctorate degrees. The Word of God is the foundation of their high-quality academic programs and welcoming student community.
Clarks Summit University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education (3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104, 267.284.5000). Middle States is a regional accrediting agency recognized nationally. All degrees have been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Clarks Summit University has been accredited since 1968 by the Association for Biblical Higher Education (5850 T.G. Lee Blvd., Ste 130, Orlando, FL 32822-1781, 407.207.0808).

About Anchor Christian University |

The mission of Anchor Christian University is to deliver challenging, effective, practical, biblical, and professional education to students within the frontline contexts to which they are called. Anchor Christian University is a private, independent university dedicated to building a sustainable model for modern ministry preparation that intentionally involves the local church and other faith-based organizations in the process of growing next generation Christian leaders. As a global learning community, the university is marked by a rigorous integrated learning approach that leads to intellectual, spiritual, and professional skill development.
Anchor Christian University grants degrees under the authority of the Florida State Board of Independent Colleges and Universities in compliance with Section 1005.06(1)(f), Florida Statutes.


If you’re interested in learning more about our MasterCamp program, please contact Brent at or call (219) 374-5941.