Photo of camper throwing a tomahawk at Catalyst Camp by Cedar Lake Ministries in Cedar Lake IN

Our New Tomahawk Throwing Experience

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Retreats and camps are about new experiences and making memories that last! During Catalyst Winter Camps, over 400 students and leaders were able to try out our newest unique activity: Tomahawk Throwing.

Cedar Lake Ministries’ volunteers created this custom Tomahawk Throwing target offering two throwing lanes and two levels of difficulties. When the wall is open, the two bullseyes are revealed, giving beginners opportunities to develop skills. When the wall is closed, the wood stumps offer varied game play and opportunities for players to refine their skills. Players can compete against each other or for a personal best score.

“Tomahawking Throwing was a great addition to the activities! Students from our group were at the targets all afternoon.”  Sarah (youth leader)

Trained staff facilitate this year-round activity, sharing tips and tricks to help kids and adults understand the importance of patience, persistence, and following directions. This activity naturally lends itself to teachable moments to talk about God’s grace and truth.