Photo of boys being silly, and having fun at a Cedar Lake Ministries Catalyst Camp in Cedar Lake Indiana. Please give now to help us give more kids a chance to enjoy Cedar Lake Ministries

Some Kid’s Parents Can’t Give Them a Vacation

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I hope you will find the following story encouraging and challenging.  On the last nights of camp, we started a big bonfire and gathered around for roasting marshmallows and for a time of gratitude and sharing. When one little boy shared what he was thankful for, all of us had tears welling up in our eyes. This nine-year-old lives with …

Photo of new lake front sidewalk at Cedar Lake Ministry in Cedar Lake Indiana. A perfect spot for your next retreat or special event.

Summer Improvements

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The new sidewalk is complete with new benches and lovely landscaping. This is such a wonderful addition for guests to use while meeting with the Lord! Again, we want to thank the friends that made this possible. Along with the natural beauty, the fellowship around the table is a vital part of the guest experience. We praise the Lord for …

Photo of new Cedar Lake Ministry Guest Retreat Director Michael Miller and family.

Meet the New Retreats Staff Members

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It’s always a pleasure to welcome great people to join us in serving the guests at Cedar Lake Ministries! Recently, we welcomed two new faces to our guest groups staff! Say hello to Michael and Kelli! Kelli Marlow, Guest Services Coordinator I was born and raised in Belvidere, IL, where the Lord saved me in June of 2011. After growing up …

Photo of girl campers having fun outside in Cedar Lake Ministries Catalyst Camps in Cedar Lake, Indiana

When It Rains It Pours

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At Cedar Lake Ministries, we have the privilege of being the hands and feet of God by serving 10,000 guests each year. With all the many blessings that come from that, there can be challenges. And when it rains, it pours … “When it rains it pours” is a saying I remember hearing as I grew up. I was thinking today …