Response to COVID-19

Cedar Lake Ministries staff continues to abide by Governor Holcomb’s Back on Track Plan along with federal, state and local health department mandates.

  • All staff is required to log their temperature prior to their work day.
  • Guests will have temperature taken at their first meal and every morning at breakfast. 
  • For those not having meals, temperatures will be taken at check in.
  • If a staff member or guest has a fever, as outlined by the CDC, it is reported to the Executive Director or Cedar Lake Ministries staff. They will be required to leave the premises and steps will be enacted to mitigate any spread or exposure.
  • Masks are required in all buildings per the current mandate by Governor Holcomb.
  • If you are outside, and socially distanced, masks are not required per the current mandate by Governor Holcomb.
  • Hand sanitizer and masks are available for staff and guests.



  • Per the local health department, Oaks Dining Hall is set up as smaller tables with no more than six chairs at each table. We have reduced the number of seating in the dining hall to accommodate our guests and to comply with our local health department. 
  • According to current mandates – masks are worn into the dining hall, in the food and beverage line, and while walking in the dining hall. Masks may be removed to eat and drink while sitting at your table. 
  • Food Service Staff will serve food to all guests. It is not buffet style, still all you can eat, just served cafeteria style. We are serving in this manner to limit contact points among multiple people.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing occurs regularly.
  • Hand Sanitizer is available to all guests upon entry into the dining hall, along with access to restrooms to wash hands with soap and water. 



  • The housekeeping staff at Cedar Lake Ministries is taking the health and well-being of our guests very seriously. Here are a few things we have added to our cleaning rotation to keep you safe during your retreat.
  • A disinfectant approved by the CDC and EPA is being used to disinfect for a wide range of viruses, including Covid-19. This disinfectant is used camp-wide to clean lodging, communal bathrooms, and commonly touched surfaces before you arrive.
  • Consistently disinfecting commonly touched surfaces (door handles, door knobs, stall handles & locks, light switches etc) a minimum of three times a day in all communal restrooms and meeting spaces.
  • Housekeepers are adding disinfectant to in-house laundry, room towels and towels used for cleaning.
  • The office is now giving extra soaps and shampoo by request only.
  • Housing assignments take into consideration proper social distancing.
We encourage all to be in prayer for those outside of our community who have been affected. If you have further questions, please direct those to or call (219) 374-5941.