Event Planning

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cedar Lake Ministries Guest Services Team strives to serve Christ by serving you! If you have any additional questions after reading through our Frequently Asked Questions, be sure to contact the Guest Services Coordinator for your event.

How do I book an event or find pricing for an event at Cedar Lake Ministries (CLM)?

The first step in the process of booking your event at CLM is to fill out the Guest Retreat Inquiry Request Form. This form gives us the information needed to check availability, provide pricing options, and prepare a quote. Click here to start the process today!


Where do I go when I arrive?

Arriving leaders should check-in at the Main Office. From Lauerman Street, take Entrance A and follow the drive to the office parking lot. Your group leader’s arrival time should be communicated in advance, and the host phone number should be called if your arrival time changes. Final payment should be made at this time. Group leaders should know the exact number of people using the facility.


What time is check-in and check-out?

Standard lodging check-in is 4:00 p.m. and check-out is 10:00 a.m. Standard meeting space check-in is 2:00 p.m. and check-out is 10:00 a.m. There will be late fees added for late check-outs.

*We are not able to allow exceptions to check-in and check-out times between Memorial Day and Labor Day in order to ensure that all guests are getting a consistent and excellent experience. 


How early or late can our group be in our meeting space?

The standard opening time for meeting spaces is 7:00 a.m. and closing time is 11:00 p.m. We ask that you honor these times on your schedule and observe our quiet hours of 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. 


What time are meals served?

Our standard meal times are as follows:

  • Breakfast: 8:00 a.m.
  • Lunch: 12:00 p.m.
  • Dinner: 5:00 p.m.

*It is recommended that groups put in a 15 minute margin in their schedule prior to the meal start time so that guests will arrive in a timely manner and have enough time to enjoy their meals. The dining hall is open for a total of 1 hour during each meal to provide time for fellowship.


Are towels and linens provided?

In Cedars units and Rest-A-While rooms, towels and linens are provided, which includes bath towels, wash cloths, bedsheets, pillows, and blankets.

In our bunkhouse lodging (Hickory and Lakeview), a fitted sheet is provided for each bed. Guests will need to bring their own blankets, pillows and towels.

*In all accommodations, guests are to bring their own personal toiletries such as shampoo, body wash, toothpaste, beach towels, etc. 


Where is the nearest hospital, airport and grocery store?

The nearest hospital is Franciscan Health in Crown Point. The nearest airport is Chicago Midway International Airport. The closest grocery store is Strack & Van Til, which is right down the road at 9605 Lincoln Plaza, Cedar Lake, IN 46303. (133rd avenue).


Does CLM provide A/V equipment?

Yes, we provide the basic equipment needed for your event’s audio and visual needs. Examples include: microphones, speakers, keyboards, white boards, and TVs or projectors. Sound technicians are not provided; groups requiring larger use of audio and visual equipment should bring their own A/V operator unless otherwise contracted.


Are pets allowed?

Pets are not permitted. Necessary registered service animals are welcome.


Is alcohol or smoking allowed?

CLM does not allow alcohol on the grounds. Smoking is prohibited except in designated smoking areas which are located at least 8 feet from any entrance (the gravel parking lots). Smoking is prohibited inside lodging, and will result in additional cleaning fees.


Is coffee & water provided?

Coffee and water are included and accessible with all three meals served in the Dining Hall, and can also be served in a meeting space for a fee. We have water bottle filling stations in the Oaks Building, which are accessible throughout the day. You may bring your own small coffee makers or bottled water if you would like to provide that for your guests. 


Are CLM buildings within walking distance of each other?

Yes, all of our buildings are within walking distance. Generally, when a group arrives they unload their vehicles and park them for the duration of the event.


Does CLM have Wi-Fi?

CLM does have Wi-Fi in all lodging and meeting spaces. The password is provided to leaders during check-in. Leaders can choose to share the password with their group as they see fit.


What are considered child vs adult ages?

CLM works to be affordable to families. Children’s prices are available for ages 4-11 years and children ages 0-3 are not charged. Children ages 12 and older are considered adults.


Is a nurse or first aid provided?

Please contact your host to get in touch with our onsite health officer. We do have First Aid kits upon request and an AED is available for emergencies.

Emergencies will be referred to a local area hospital.


Are there handicapped accessible buildings and lodging?

Our main meeting spaces and lodges are handicapped accessible. Contact your Guest Services Coordinator for details. 


What activities are provided?

CLM is blessed with many activities to offer which are included in the booking cost. Other additional activities have an extra cost. If you would like more information on these, please follow this link to see our offerings and contact a Guest Services Coordinator.


What time zone is Cedar Lake Ministries in?

CLM is in the Central Time Zone (Chicago).


Are people allowed to bring outside food on the grounds and in meeting spaces?

Outside food is permitted in lodging and meeting spaces if it is pre-packaged. Outside catering is not permitted.


Does CLM allow people to customize the menu for meals?

The menu is “chef’s choice” for all guest groups and is generally not distributed until the meal is served. If you are planning a formal event, you may make menu requests and get a quote for a special meal request. Options for people with dietary restrictions and allergies are provided; see below for more information. 


What do I do if someone in my group has a food allergy?

Food allergies should be communicated to the Guest Services department by email at least three weeks in advance of your event. CLM food service staff try to accommodate all food allergies, but will let you know if there is a need we cannot accommodate. If there is an allergy we cannot accommodate, that guest should plan to bring their own supplemental food. The three week timeline is necessary as food shipment orders must be placed by our Food Services Team by that deadline; late allergy notices may not be able to be accommodated.


How far in advance can I schedule an event?

As a general guideline, CLM will book events up to 12 months in advance. Events for larger groups may be permitted to book further in advance. We recommend booking as soon as possible in order to secure your preferred dates, as there are many times through out the year that our site is fully booked. 


What do I do if my group has a need while we are on site?

Upon arrival, the group leader will be given a host number in order to contact the staff member who is on call 24/7. Texts are preferred.


What do I have to do to check out at the end of my event?

Group leaders should collect and sort all lodging keys and meet the Host at the office at the group’s designated check-out time. If final payment has not already been made, it can be taken care of at this time and an updated invoice will be provided.